Types of Mead

Melomel – Pyment – Cyser – Braggot – what does it all Mead Mean? We’re here to help you navigate the wild and wonderful world of mead.


Meads that incorporate maple syrup.


A type of mead created with a malted grain


A mead made with carmelized honey or burned before being added to water, which can create flavors such as toffee, chocolate, and marshmallow.


Meads that are flavored with chili peppers.


Similar to cider, a mead that has apples or apple juice
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Great Mead

A mead that is designed to be bottled and then aged for a lengthy period.


A pyment mead to which spices have been added.


A mead that is watered down to reduce alcohol content


Meads made with fruit added for flavor


Meads that are made with spices such
as nutmeg or cinnamon. Sometimes considered to have medicinal benefits.


A melomel that is created with mulberries.

Mulled Mead

Meads that are heated before drinking, they typically include spices for flavoring. Popular in the winter and holiday season.


A mead that is created with the juice of unripened grapes, usually considered a variation of pyment.


Mead that has been created with wine vingear.


Can be used to refer to a mead with grape or
grape juice, or to a grape wine that has honey added


Ancient Roman word for a mead brewed with rose petals

Sack Mead

A mead with high density, often very sweet. High honey content.

Short Mead

Also called a quick mead, this is a mead which matures quickly. Somewhat similar to an ale.

Show Mead

A plain mead with no spice or fruit added in.

Sparkling Mead

A mead that is carbonated, similar to a sparkling wine. The secondary ferment created by adding a small amount of honey or sugar before bottling helps elevate pressure and sweetness.

Sour Mead

A mead that is produced with lacto-bacillus fermentation
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