After two weeks of heavy competition, we’re entering the home stretch of Mead Madness. The regions are boiling down to their finals – with the winners ready to move on to the Final Four and championship.

Red Wine Region


2013 Crescendo, after a tough battle with the 2012 Crescendo in the first round, has moved on into the regional final against perennial favorite Pinot Noir. Can the best of the best red wine blend take down this traditional grape? Both have scored similar vote totals on their way to this matchup. Crescendo prevailed against the 2012 version and handled Syrah in the second round. That was a big win – Syrah was a pre-tournament favorite to make a run. Pinot Noir has had perhaps an easier run, taking on Cab Franc in the opening round and downing our Cottage Red table wine in the second round.

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White Wine Region


In this region we’ve seen multiple close contests, with a majority of the matchups coming down to just 1 or 2 votes. Vin Gris has made it here by defeating Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. Secret Beach continues something of a Cinderella run. After defeating Late Harvest Riesling by just one vote in the first round, Secret Beach scored a close victory over the 2013 Riesling (which is now sold out in the tasting room!). Who will move on to battle the Red Wine champ?

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Still Mead Region


In the traditional still mead bracket, we’ve seen some upsets. While Tupelo Ambrosia and Star Thistle had a first round duel, they were both popular picks to make the finals. But neither is here today – Razzmatazz (riding the momentum of its Gold Medal at the Mazer Cup) is lining up against the powerhouse Royal Reserve for the regional title. Can the fruity flavor of the original St. Ambrose mead overtake the two-years-aged dessert deliciousness of Royal Reserve? You decide!

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Draft Mead Region


Our popular draft meads all have loyal followings, but only two remain. After a tough battle with John Lemon, the apple pie in a bottle X.R. Cyser has advanced to face the ever-popular Black Madonna in what is certain to be a titanic fight for the regional championship. Sour blackberry or apple cinnamon? These two bountiful bouqets of flavor will both leave you satisfied, but only one can emerge the winner.

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