This Week at St. Ambrose Cellars

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and we’re sure you’re excited for the traditional kick-off to summer! We’ll keep it brief and to the point here today, because we’ve got a TON of stuff going on and we don’t want you to miss any of it. Cyser Lab Ever wonder how the brewcrew spends their time when they aren’t making and bottling … Read More

This Week at St. Ambrose Cellars

Another week of sun here at St. Ambrose Cellars! Let’s take a look at what we’ve got going on … Live Music! On the music front, we’ll have OPEN MIC with Jim and Wanda on Thursdays, as per usual. The fun starts at 6 – bring your skills and join the jam. Our own K Jones might even pop in … Read More

This Week at St. Ambrose Cellars

It’s time for another look at what’s going on at St. Ambrose Cellars! Eat a Peach Eat a Peach is our newest draft style mead creation, and it’s been rolling it’s way into stores across Michigan the past few weeks. Our store locator has been updated with almost 80 locations that are offering this new cyser. Featuring a refreshing apple, … Read More

Spring Wine Releases

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and we’re uncorking some new wine for you this week at St. Ambrose Cellars! Sunset Beach Description: Strawberry, cherry aroma, bright acidity, lingering and spicy finish. 100% Marquette grapes. Harvest Date: 11-2-2017 Brix@ Harvest: 24.5 pH: 3.2 TA: 9.6 ABV: 12% R.S.: 2.6 Vineyard: Daddy Long Legs Bottling … Read More

This Week at St. Ambrose Cellars

It’s the start of May, and we’ve got lots of great events going on this week to kick off the early-summer season! New Drinks! We’ve got two new drinks on tap – Sandbar Pale Ale, and Double Vision! Sandbar Pale Ale is a malt forward pale ale, with a little bitterness from the hops and a nice off-red color. This … Read More

This Week at St. Ambrose Cellars

Spring has sprung at St. Ambrose Cellars! The Sleeping Bear Farms bee hives have returned, so if you get out here soon, you can experience the wonderful symphony of nature that a yard full of hives produces. It’s truly a unique experience that we recommend checking out before they disperse to their summer jobs pollinating the Northern Michigan orchards and … Read More

This Week at St. Ambrose Cellars

April rolls on here at St. Ambrose Cellars, and we’ve got more great events for you this week. We have a couple special deals running in the tasting room right now, if you haven’t heard. First, there’s our Spring Sale. As we make room for the summer season, we’re offering 20% off on ALL of our apparel – as well … Read More

$1 Beers!

Our summer fruit wheat beer – Stoney Wheat – is now just $1 a glass! Why, you ask? Because we feel so bad about the continued snow, ice, slush, and general muck associated with this winter. While we wait for a majorly overdue spring thaw, we’re going to do our part to raise spirits by offering this summery ale at … Read More

Meet the Cheeses

The Cheese Lady is returning to the tasting room on Sunday, April 22 – and here’s your chance to preview the pairing menu. For just $15 (pay when you get here, no advance tickets necessary) you’ll get a guided tour through 5 pairings – sampling 5 different St. Ambrose Cellars products and 6 delicious cheeses from around the globe. The … Read More

This Week at St. Ambrose Cellars

We’ve got another big lineup of events here at St. Ambrose Cellars – check them out: On Thursday, as per usual, we’ll have 35% off howlers and growlers, and Jim & Wanda Curtis here to host Open Mic (Open Mic starts at 6, discounts are all day) On Saturday night, the dark and mysterious Saldaje returns to the tasting room … Read More

This Week at St. Ambrose Cellars

Join us on Thursday night for another edition of Open Mic Night with Jim & Wanda Curtis – sure to be a rockin’ and rollin’ good time as usual. On Friday night, we have the talented Lena Maude, who you can see in action here: On Saturday night, join us for Jen Sygit and her wonderful tunes: As usual, our … Read More

The Cheese Lady Returns!

This Sunday (October 29th) the Cheese Lady is returning to St. Ambrose Cellars for another pairing event! Instead of a guided pairing with advance tickets and sessions, this will be an all-day affair. At least, that is, until the cheese runs out. You’ll be able to purchase (for $15) a flight of four St. Ambrose drinks (more info below) that … Read More

What’s the Buzz? August 17th 2017

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean the fun is winding down. We’ve got another buzzworthy weekend coming up, and here’s all the details you need! DeDe Alder The wonderful DeDe Alder – a mainstay of the St. Ambrose Cellars music lineup – is back again on Friday night. From humble beginnings, Dede has paved her way on her … Read More

St. Ambrose Disc Golf Course

It’s true! The St. Ambrose Cellars disc golf course is open for business. It’s a 9 hole, free-to-play course that’s easily accessible from the meadery. Simply park in the parking lot, and head into the big field next door – you’ll see the first tee. Here is an overview of the course layout: Now we’ll take you through the course, … Read More

What’s the Buzz?! – June 9th

Summer Hours How many times have you gotten to the winery at 11:00 AM and waited patiently for us to open up? I know at least two of you have – because I have seen your cars. Well, we’ve noticed, and we’ve made the change! For the rest of the summer, we’re opening up at 11:00AM for all your mead, … Read More

Pinot Noir Riesling 2016

A lovely pink wine in hand. The sun blazing on your shoulders. And a big splotch of BBQ sauce narrowly missing your shirt after you eat an amazing pork nacho. That’s summer, right? If it’s your idea of a good time, you don’t want to miss out on Pinot Noir Riesling. This is a first of its kind for our … Read More

The Case of the Secret Beach

The Private Investigator set himself down at the bar with a sigh. It was a wet night, but the bar was dry. So was his tongue. He was looking to fix that, right away. “What can I do ya for, chief?” “Something sweet.” “Right-on. What’s your name, fella? For the tab?” “John.” “Need a little more … that’s not uncommon, … Read More

What’s the Buzz?! June 1-4

First, a big thanks to everyone who came out for Memorial Day weekend! We know it was busy here, and we appreciate your business. It was great to see so many happy faces trying out the meads, wines, and new beers. There’s no three-day weekend this week, but we’ve still got plenty going on out here at the Cellars for … Read More

What’s the Buzz?! Memorial Day Weekend

LulaRoe & Thirsty Thursday & Open Mic It’s Thursday, and that means one … ok, two … ok, ok, it means THREE things this week! We’ve got LuLaRoe coming in for a pop-up boutique in the tasting room and the lawn, with all their leggings and assorted goodies. This is always a hit! It’s also Thirsty Thursday – which means … Read More

What’s the Buzz?! – May 19th Weekend

It’s May 17th, and we’re really getting into the swing of summer here at St. Ambrose Cellars. You may have heard some of the big news – we’ve got beer! – and I’m sure you’re excited to come try No Frills IPA, if you haven’t already. This is a limited edition first run – so you’ll want to get out … Read More

Beer is Here!

Beer? Beer! We’ve filled out the forms, crossed the T’s, dotted the I’s, got the licenses, went through the rigamarole, and finally, yes finally, there’s a beer on tap here at the St. Ambrose Cellars tasting room. The first beer? No Frills IPA. We went with a classic IPA to debut. Featuring Galaxy and Simcoe hops for a citrusy, tropical, … Read More

Michigan Wine Month Specials

May is Michigan Wine Month! The return of sunshine and warmth to the Mitten is also the perfect time to celebrate the incredible amount of great wine that is produced here every year. At St. Ambrose Cellars, we’re celebrating Michigan Wine Month with special deals on four of wines and meads. These four featured products are 30% OFF in the … Read More

What’s the Buzz?! – May 12th Weekend

After the excitement of our fundraiser and music last weekend, we’re back again for another weekend of fun here at St. Ambrose. It’s been a chilly start to the week but it seems like the temperature is rising a bit, and this weekend looks like an absolutely gorgeous time to be out on the lawn with a glass of mead … Read More

2016 Pinot Grigio

This month marks the return of a Pinot Grigio varietal wine to our shelves. Our 2016 Pinot Grigio comes in a fresh new label with a green St. Ambrose Cellars goddess and some eye-catching foil. Inside, you’ll find the great tasting white wine that you expect from the talented team of winemakers in the back. What is Pinot Grigio? First, … Read More

Odyssey of the Mind Fundraiser

This Saturday we’re hosting (you may have heard) a fundraiser for the Crystal Lake Elementary Odyssey of the Mind team. The team is headed to the World Finals for Odyssey of the Mind, and this is your chance to support these great kids in this worthwhile program. What is Odyssey of the Mind? OM is a problem-solving competition. You can … Read More

What’s The Buzz?! – May 5th Weekend

News It’s the first week of May, and the busy spring/summer season is just getting rolling here at St. Ambrose. The bees at Sleeping Bear Farms next door have been returning for the past few weeks, and there’s a buzz in the air as the weather (kinda) starts to warm up and we get to see the sun again. We’ve … Read More

Secret Beach is Back!

Every good Northern Michigan resident has their favorite secret beach – a spot they can go to relax and enjoy some peace around the big water that surrounds us. We strongly believe everyone needs a secret beach to call their own, to escape from the day to day grind, and that’s why we bottled one for you. We give you … Read More

Where in the World is St. Ambrose? January 2017

It’s been another big month here at St. Ambrose Cellars, and we’re going to take a look at all the far flung places that our meads and wines have made it to this month. First order of business – our store locator is up to date as of the end of January, and our distribution continues to grow across the … Read More

Five Questions with Syd Burnham

This Saturday night the very talented rising star Syd Burnham joins us again at St. Ambrose! The fun starts at 6PM. Before the show, we got a chance to ask her a few questions about her career and music. 1. Has it been challenging to do so much touring at a young age? There can be ups and downs of … Read More

Five Questions with Saldaje

1. You’ve got a lot of influences (like the ones listed on your site – Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Suzanne Vega, Nina Simone, Eastern European, Arabic and Celtic musics) that is verrrry diverse, which is cool. But how did that come about? Do you have a family history with any of those regions that drove you to explore … Read More

January at St. Ambrose

A note from our tasting room manager, Cindy …   The secret of St Ambrose Cellars is starting to spread! I had never heard of this Winery/Meadery and I pride myself on knowing and going to as many of the Tasting Rooms in the region as I can get to. The charm and yet the, I’ll call it … “Kirky-ness” of … Read More

Six Holiday Wines

You may have heard about the new discount in the tasting room. If you haven’t, get ready: you get 10% off (and a free travel wine key) if you buy six bottles of our wine! Armed with that info, it’s time to prepare for the holiday season. You’ve got parties to attend, gifts to give, and then more parties to … Read More

Meet Our New Meads

New Meads December has been a month of experimentation here at St. Ambrose. Our guys in the meadery have been working hard on coming up with some new beverages for you to enjoy this frosty month – and we’ve got the scoop on all three right here. These are limited edition drafts, available only in the tasting room for now. … Read More

Our 2012 Syrah :: Wine Wednesday

Winter is a time for hearty meals. Comfort foods take center stage at family gatherings and keep us nice and cozy on snowy, cold nights. When you’ve got a big and beefy dinner in the oven, which bottle of wine do you reach for? Well, you might consider our 2012 Syrah. A staff favorite, Syrah has a bold taste that’s … Read More

December at St. Ambrose Cellars

This Month at St. Ambrose It’s December! With the snow slowly coming around and the holidays fast approaching, we know that you’re in need of some fun, some relaxation, and some warmth. This month at St. Ambrose Cellars, we’ve got a jam packed schedule of events in the tasting room. Here’s your handy one-stop look at everything that we’ve got … Read More

Thanksgiving Music at St. Ambrose

Celebrate the weekend with a great lineup of music this week at St. Ambrose Cellars! We’ve got shows on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday this week. Kick off the holiday with the musical stylings of Soul Patch, starting at 6PM – then take a load off after your Black Friday shopping with the always wonderful DeDe Alder, again starting at 6PM! … Read More

St. Ambrose Thanksgiving Survival Tips

It’s Thanksgiving season! You know what that means – food, family, and fun. And yeah, plenty of associated travel, stress, and potentially awkward situations. The holidays are stuffed full of the good, the bad, the awkward, and the ugly. We’re going to give you four ways that St. Ambrose Cellars can you help you survive unscathed. Exercise Your Right Uncle … Read More

The Mysterious Black Madonna

Black Madonna Sour Draft Mead

Invoke the Goddess of Divine Blackberry Mead. Make the pilgrimage to the halls of St. Ambrose and experience the wonders of the Black Madonna. This one-of-a-kind sour blackberry mead will tantalize the taste buds and serenade the senses. Black Madonna sour mead is a “session” mead in a draft style. While still-mead is in the 12% or higher ABV range, … Read More

Weekend Notes June 17th

It’s Father’s Day weekend! It’s also a double-shot music packed weekend at the Cellars, and it’s looking to be beautiful in the Northern Michigan area after lots of rain early in the week. Get out, hit the links, fill a growler, catch a show, do some paddling – it’s the reason we live here. Alfredo Improvisational Quartet Alfredo takes the … Read More

Field Notes – 6.10-6.12 Edition

It’s time for another beautiful weekend in Northern Michigan as summer really starts to roll! Schools are wrapping up, the temperature is back on the rise after a bit of a dip, and St. Ambrose Cellars has weekend entertainment for the whole family. Davey O. Friday Night Davey O. graces the tasting room on Friday night. His Americana stylings are … Read More

Weekend Paninis

Food specials return this weekend at the tasting room! We’re going to have some delicious panini options for you, courtesy of kitchen wiz Crystal! Let’s let her explain what we’ve got cookin’: The Panini The panini will be on Crescent Bakery peasant bread. It’s going to be a grilled vegetable panini with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and a roasted red … Read More

Americana Comes to St. Ambrose

The “pretense-free Americana” of Davey O., a Buffalo, NY native, comes to St. Ambrose Cellars this Friday for an exciting live music event. Davey’s bio tells the story: “It’s no surprise that Buffalo, NY born and bred songwriter Davey O. has been described by Buffalo News critic Jeff Miers as having “a journalist’s eye for detail and poet’s ear for … Read More

Tupelo at Speakeasy

Tupelo was a shy man. But he felt the burning need to express what lay inside his bottle. To spill his golden notes across the room and fill every cup with his love. He anxiously awaited his turn at the microphone. After his wife left him, he had been needing to let loose with his art a bit. Just needed … Read More

Food Plates at St. Ambrose

Next time you’re at St. Ambrose, we encourage you to try one of our three food plates. We offer a small, a medium, and a large option to fill your stomach up while you’re enjoying our meads. A Little Something $4 Includes Sleeping Bear Farms honey mustard, homemade jerky dip, pretzels, and gluten-free crackers for dipping. A Little Something More … Read More

Open Mic Nights

Have you been to Speakeasy, the Open Mic night series hosted by Jenni Rae? If not … what are you waiting for? Here’s a sample of some of the entertainment that you can expect: With local music scene all-stars like Jenni, Al, our own Nathon Lane and Kirk Jones, and who knows who else stopping by, you can’t afford to … Read More

Ultimate Frisbee Fridays

  Starting this Friday, June 3rd, St. Ambrose Cellars will host – in addition to our weekly music series – games of Ultimate Frisbee on the lawn. One of our brilliant beverage makers, Scott, will be hosting the fun out front. This is a great way to spend a summer evening and get a bit of exercise. All are welcome … Read More

Field Notes – Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and with it, the unofficial beginning of summer. We’ve got plenty going on for the extended weekend, so let’s cut to the chase! Memorial Day Hours First order of business – we’re going to be rocking some extended hours over the weekend. As seen above, we’ll be open late and on Memorial Day to … Read More

St. Ambrose In Your ‘Hood

We’re in a period of exciting growth here at St. Ambrose Cellars. It seems like every day we see a new location with our mead pop up on Untappd or leave a comment somewhere on the web. It really makes our head spin to think about how far our humble beverages have spread. Around the Grand Traverse Bay area we … Read More

Meet the President

Our own Bill Ward was recently elected the president of our neighboring village, Honor, Michigan. We’re pretty proud of our team here at St Ambrose and Sleeping Bear Farms. We have so many passionate, intelligent & community minded folks on our roster. We’ve got high school sports coaches, community theater actresses, volunteers, festival organizers, after school specialists, teachers, advance degree … Read More

Field Notes – 5.19-5.22 Edition

Betsie Bay Furniture Thursday – 5.19 You’ll find our wine at Betsie Bay Furniture’s 3rd Thursday Benefit Night. This benefit for Benzie Beds for Kids & DUNE GRASS SOCIETY helps our local Benzie County children with beds, bedding & more! It will also feature an act we’ve had here at the tasting room twice this winter – Saldaje. It’ll be … Read More

Get to Know Deadlight Holiday

Deadlight Holiday returns to St. Ambrose Cellars this Friday – as a trio – for their second show in the tasting room. Departing from their usual routine a bit, they will play some new songs in the more intimate environment and you’ll have a chance to get to know the band a bit. Here’s what they have to say about … Read More

I am a strong bird

I am a strong bird. It has been cold. The wind rattles our nest. This meadery seems to be busy. People come and go and gawk. The egg is cold. The twigs are fragile. The people come. The night is cold. But I am a strong bird. In hindsight, I may have picked a more protected area. Above a porch … Read More

A Lemon A Day

It was a steamy morning in the Indus Valley, and the humble farmer surveyed his new tree while whiping sweat from his brow. It had borne him a yellow fruit, similar to the citron he knew, but it was just a bit different. He bit the new fruit. And he regretted it. The lemon had entered this world, and begun … Read More

John Lemon is Back

Here comes the sun… The bees are buzzin in our fields and you can be too, this Friday, as our old friend John Lemon returns to our taps this weekend. As draft meads go in the tasting room, this one seems to have a cult-like following, not unlike it’s namesake. We have been awaiting its return for many moons and … Read More

Alfredo Improv: An Oral History

When this adventure into writing began, I decided to interview our musicians with burning questions I always have for anyone with the guts to hop on stage and be vulnerable, inspired and talented simultaneously. Honestly, I worried I might have bit off more than I could chew. What do I know about music? Sometimes it gives me goosebumps, and other … Read More

Speakeasy Open Mic

If you’ve always wanted to test out your singing chops in front of an audience, but you haven’t yet found the nerve, you’re in luck! Beginning Tuesday May 3, St Ambrose Tasting Room will be hosting an open mic from 5-8pm each Tuesday evening. If you’re a seasoned performer (or band), we welcome you, too. Singers, comedians, poets, mimes and … Read More

Jake Frysinger Tackles St. Ambrose Cellars

One of the great benefits of our little corner of paradise – beyond the sprawling lake shore, dune forests, fertile farmland, and stunning beauty – is that the elements attract seekers and makers. Our talented artisans and performers draw inspiration from the seasons, and from a life that is not spent waiting in traffic or thwarted by concrete and steel. This allows for an easy … Read More

2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

St. Ambrose Cellars participated in the 2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. This year’s event featured almost 4,000 wines from 916 wineries, located in all 50 states, 26 countries, and 6 Canadian provinces. 73 judges from 20 countries evaluated the wines that were entered. We’re proud to say our wines held their own in this tough field, scoring four silver … Read More

Friday Night Flights – April 15

For National Wine Month we thought we’d help you sample some of ours by offering Friday Night Flights – A curated selection of four of our wines, paired perfectly with a tasty palate-pleaser. This week we’ve got a copious peach, raw honey and 2014 Riesling compote, served over moist and delicious pound cake from Crescent Bakery in Frankfort. Our stainless steel aged … Read More

Blair Miller Rolls Into Town

On Friday April 15, accountants all over the land will begin a celebration hailing the end of tax season. The same day, here in the tasting room we’ll be toasting our glasses to special musical guest Blair Miller. This is our second date with Mr. Miller. To say we’re giddy would be an understatement. This writer recently had the good … Read More

Friday Night Flights Part II

April is Wine Month, and what better way to say “Yes, Please” to more wine than by trying out four of our own with our Friday Night Flights? Each weekend this month, we are featuring a flight of four carefully selected vintages and then pairing them with a different palate pleasing specialty food offering every Friday night, and throughout the … Read More

Mead Madness Champion is ….

  If you won either the random drawing or the prediction pool. we’ll be in touch shortly! Congratulations to Black Madonna draft, the 2016 St. Ambrose Mead Madness Champion!

Acoustic Dynamite Blows Up St. Ambrose Cellars

Growing up in suburban Detroit and  influenced by the dynamic music scene of the city and the ’60s/’70s in general, Bob Downes and Jim Moore of Acoustic Dynamite, started playing in their teens and developed a playful, soulful style that embraces everything from Latin to reggae to Sinatra.  They’ve done acoustic versions of the MC5 and the Rolling Stones, mixed … Read More

Friday Night Flights

This Friday at St Ambrose will feature two hot dishes~ one is our returning musical guests, Saldaje, the “darkest ukulele band in Northern Michigan”. Saldaje is comprised of two talented artisans, Melonie Steffes & Shaun Anchak, whose self described style is “New Old World, Apocalyptic Folk, Cabaret”, and what we like to call too good to miss! With influences like … Read More

Women’s Wellness April

Spring has sprung our hearts and hives wide open here in the tasting room. The birdsong and the warmish breezes have replaced the high winds whistling through the barn that were sending us slanted falling snow, causing little whirlwinds as the door blew open for those long frigid months. The queens and their dedicated crew of worker bees are trickling … Read More

Mead Madness – The Elite Eight

After two weeks of heavy competition, we’re entering the home stretch of Mead Madness. The regions are boiling down to their finals – with the winners ready to move on to the Final Four and championship. Red Wine Region 2013 Crescendo, after a tough battle with the 2012 Crescendo in the first round, has moved on into the regional final against … Read More

Cinnamon & Raw Honey Is Here

We are always excited to share goodness from the hive with our faithful customers as well as our new ones. Our newest product from Sleeping Bear Farms is sure to utterly wow your taste buds, but we’re just as excited about the health benefits of this collaboration between our own raw honey and organic cinnamon bark! This flavor combo is … Read More

Flights of Fancy

In honor of the sweetness of spring, we have a nectarous treat now available here in the tasting room. It pairs so nicely with our range of Rieslings that you can get this deliciousness alongside a flight of all four for $12. As our menu expands, it was time to add a little sweet to all our savory options. This … Read More

Atholl Brose Recipe

Atholl Brose Recipe

Our kitchen is frequently buzzing with our explorations in honey. Always looking for fun and tasty ways to stir the nectar of the gods into the fold, we whip up small batches of honey love, almost everyday. This weekend we discovered an old Scottish Highland recipe for Atholl Brose. This drink is named after the First Earl of Atholl, who, … Read More

Ain’t No Party Like a Leap Year Party!

Leap Year Jig Party

Here at St Ambrose, we are missing the buzz of the bees as they retreat & reboot down on the farm in the Florida Panhandle with the boss man and Mrs. Jones. Winter being what it is here in the northlands, the honey bees become snowbirds and travel by the semi loads, tucked safely into their bee boxes, while visions … Read More

Dancing Bare Ambrosia – A Perfect Pyment

Dancing Bare Ambrosia - Pyment

The Tasting Room here at St Ambrose is a great place to try out all of the innovative flavors and old favorites our wine and mead makers have been working so hard on for your enjoyment. Whether you’re new to our meadery, you’ve been here a time or two, or, you’re a seasoned pro to bellying up with us again, … Read More

Barefoot & Potent – Music at St. Ambrose Cellars

Barefoot Music at St. Ambrose

Barefoot & Potent With temperatures expected to rise to downright balmy this coming weekend, our Friday night musicians are right on time for a little cabin fever reliever. Barefoot, a new quartet comprised of some of our favorite homegrown talent, will debut right here at St Ambrose, starting at 6pm. With soulful renditions of songs that connect us to memory … Read More

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Fat Tuesday Tasting

Let the good times roll, the mission of Mardi Gras, the big party down in the big easy. The tradition of fun and indulgence is well known in much of the world. For some the festival is a rite of passage and for others, a yearly reconnection to a piece of themselves and to history. Parades, food & music representing … Read More

On Tap This Weekend

On tap at St Ambrose

Thank Goodness it’s Friday! It’s a snow globe kind of day here in the tasting room! The big red barn looks like a postcard and the light is positively radiant~. Tonight we’ve got Giniker playing jazz tunes from 6-9 with the sweet melodious voice of Carie Fowler brought to fullness with the accompaniment of true talents, Steve Stargardt on keyboard … Read More

Mead & Wine News – February 4th 2016

Mead News

The big news? Pardon us, but we want to make sure that everyone knows we have our mead available in convenient 16.9oz bottles for all to enjoy. You can find them online, at stores throughout Michigan, and right here in our tasting room. Our Drafts We’ve got five of our honey & pleasure packed draft meads available in 16.9 ounce … Read More

Women’s Wellness Wednesday!

Women's Wellness at St Ambrose

On Wednesday January 27, St Ambrose hosted our first Women’s Wellness Wednesday. We had a hearty house-made mushroom soup using smoked paprika served with crusty sourdough bread from Stone House Ovens as well as other delectables, paired with our divine meads and fine wines. We demonstrated two different recipes for well-being featuring our own Sleeping Bear Farms raw honey. Rosehips … Read More

Wink Solo Patch – Live Music

Bringing a message of positivity and light, Wink combines his percussive rhythm guitar and soulful voice to bring you to a new space in time. Dabbling in almost every musical genre, your sure to hear something you’ve loved for years, a well written and thought out original or a new cover song by a band you’ve never heard of, in … Read More

Ice Wines – #WineWednesday

Ice Wine

The weather outside is frightful, and that’s quite delightful for some .. including ice wine connoisseurs. Ice wine? The heck is that? You might be thinking about a glass of red that some barbarian dropped an ice cube into it, but we assure you, that’s incorrect. Ice wine is a specialty wine that’s made from grapes which have frozen a … Read More

Razz – #MeadMonday

Razz Draft Mead

The humble raspberry. A staple of the fresh fruit section of your local produce aisle, a common added-flavor for juices, candies, gum, and more the world over. Packed with antioxidants, brimming with flavor, bursting with beautiful color. We’ve all enjoyed them in one form or another. With Razz!, you can enjoy them in a bottle. With honey. And alcohol.   … Read More

Mead & Wine in the News : January 14, 2016

Mead and Wine News

Your (occasionally) weekly look at some of the news in the mead, wine, and craft beverage industry – distilled down to the good stuff by the folks at St. Ambrose Cellars. What Percentage Are You Actually Drinking? We’ve all woken up with a headache and found something other than ourselves to blame. What if I told you … you might … Read More

Cheryl Wolfram Live!

Cheryl Wolfram at St. Ambrose Cellars

A talented gem from Manistee County, Cheryl has been active in the live music scene since 2001. Her acoustic set includes a variety of soft rock, oldies, ballads, & original music. Vocalist Cheryl Wolfram is nothing less than superb; her voice has an addictive flower child quality that recalls the great pop singers of the ‘60s.   We’ve hosted Cheryl … Read More

Tupelo Ambrosia Mead – #MeadMonday

Tupelo Ambrosia Mead

Honey bees are not big fans of the snow and cold. Our honey farm and meadery are located in Beulah, MI. Benzie County is not known for dry and mild winter weather. As you may have deduced, honey bees are not big fans of Benzie in the winter. So, where do all our buzzing little friends go when the seasons turn? Vacation, … Read More

Alfredo Improvisational Quartet Live

Alfredo Improv at St. Ambrose

The holidays may be over, but the party season never ends here at St. Ambrose Cellars. If you’re looking for some fun this Friday night, the tasting room will be hosting local favorites the sensational Alfredo Improvisational Quartet! Let’s let them give you a taste of what to expect: Alfredo was born in a kitchen with a mouthful of cabbage. … Read More

Michigan Mead Cup Results

It was an award-winning weekend for our stellar lineup of meads at the Michigan Mead Cup this weekend! Our expertly crafted Northern Michigan meads took home the following awards in an awesome competition: Bronze Medals Royal Reserve in Traditional Mead Razzmatazz in Melomel Mead Rose Ambrosia in Michigan Melomel Gold Black Madonna – Other Evil Twin Draft – Made in … Read More

Deadlight Holiday : Live Music at St. Ambrose!

Deadlight Holiday - Live Music at St. Ambrose

After a killer weekend of music at St. Ambrose with The Crush, we’re getting right back on the grind this weekend with a visit from some exciting newcomers from Grand Rapids. Deadlight Holiday  – performing as a trio in our intimate tasting room venue – will be bringing the entertainment this Friday from 6PM – 9PM. In their own words: … Read More

K. Jones & The Benzie Playboys : Live Music @ St. Ambrose!

K. Jones and the Benzie Playboys - Live Music at St. Ambrose

We’ve talked about The Go Rounds, we’ve talked about Fauxgrass – and that leaves one more band for The Crush: K. Jones & The Benzie Playboys! You maaaay be familiar with these guys. They have a pretty good relationship with St. Ambrose Cellars, you know. Or you might have caught one of their scorching sets at Blissfest, Wheatland, Bayou on … Read More

The Go Rounds : Live Music at St. Ambrose

Last week, we did a bit of profiling on Fauxgrass – one of the three bands that will be joining us this weekend (Saturday, September 12!) at the tasting room for The Crush. Today, we’re kicking off the short work week with a look at one of the hottest bands in Michigan, if not the country, Graham Parsons & The … Read More

What’s on Tap This Weekend

It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiday! And a holiday weekend!   There’s plenty going on this weekend here in Northern Michigan. Of course, we’ll be open from 12PM – 8PM today, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for those of you in the area. Make sure to stop by and do some tasting – you can count it as research for what you’ll want to drink … Read More

Fauxgrass : Music at St. Ambrose Cellars

With The Crush just a little over a week away, we thought it would be appropriate to take a closer look at the three bands that’ll be joining us on this night of celebration. First up, we’re going to learn a bit more about Fauxgrass. If you don’t know them, you soon will! Their bio, from the official Fauxgrass site: … Read More

New Summer Hours

New Summer Hours!! through September 1st we will be open from noon until 8 pm. Monday through Saturday and open Sunday from noon until 5pm

Hours at St. Ambrose for May

We are open 11 am until 6 pm Monday through Saturday. Sunday we are open from Noon ’til 5 pm. Look forward to visiting with ya’ll!

Aug 21st

Venture into St. Ambrose on Aug 21st. Come enjoy live music from the multi talented Brett Mitchell, from 6-9pm. We will also be tapping into 4 new limited edition experimental draft meads. Honey Five-0, pineapple mead. Bluegrass, a dry hopped blueberry mead. Imperial Star Thistle, our first high gravity draft. Ruby Red, Grapefruit and Citra hops.