The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and we’re uncorking some new wine for you this week at St. Ambrose Cellars!

Sunset Beach


Strawberry, cherry aroma, bright acidity, lingering and spicy finish. 100% Marquette grapes.

Harvest Date: 11-2-2017
Brix@ Harvest: 24.5
pH: 3.2
TA: 9.6
ABV: 12%
R.S.: 2.6
Vineyard: Daddy Long Legs
Bottling Date: 3-26-2018
Price: $13

2017 Pinot Grigio


Lemon zest and orange blossom aroma. Tangerine and citrus flavors with a creamy minerality mouthfeel – mandarin orange and spicy finish.


Creamy fish and chicken dishes with lemon

Harvest Date:
Brix@ Harvest: 22.3
pH: 3.17
TA: 7.05
ABV: 13%
R.S.: 0
Vineyard: Daddy Long Legs
Bottling Date: 3-26- 2018
Price: $16

2016 Merlot


Aromas of cherry, vanilla, baked bread and cedar. Underlying tones of eucalyptus. Flavors of black cherry, blackberry jam with coffee finish.


Braised short ribs, roasted duck, charcuterie and grilled mushrooms

Harvest Date: 10-18- 2016
Brix@ Harvest: 24
pH: 3.75
TA: 7.5
ABV: 14%
R.S.: .2 (unfermentable)
Vineyard: Herman Farms
Bottling Date: 4-5- 2018
Price: $26

2017 Sauvignon Blanc


Tropical fruit aromas of passion fruit, guava, gooseberry, and smoked herbs. Juicy white peach mid palate with kiwi and grapefruit finish.

Pairing: Shellfish, cream sauces, gourmet cheese and spring vegetables

Harvest Date: 10-4- 2017
Brix@ Harvest: 23.2
pH: 3.2
TA: 8.6
ABV: 13%
R.S.: .7
Vineyard: Herman Farms
Bottling Date: 3-26- 2018
Cases: 86
Price: $22

2016 Vin Gris


Vin Gris is the juice from pinot noir. Whole cluster press gives the wine more
structure a very slight hue of pink.

Flavors of white cherry, passion fruit, strawberry. Creamy yet spicy lingering finish.

Pair with cherry glazed pork tenderloin or a Traverse City cherry salad with grilled chicken. Cheeses like gruyere or wensleydale, cranberry cheese.

Harvest Date: 10-18- 2016
Brix @ Harvest: 22.2*
pH: 3.2
ABV: 12.5%
R.S.: .85%
TA: 8.7 g/L
Bottling Date: 2-21- 2017
Vineyard: Evans Brothers (Frankfort)
Cases: 104
Price: $22

2016 Dry Riesling


White rose petals on the nose. Flavors of white peach, citrus, tropical, green apple finish.

Pair with roasted sausage and grapes or your favorite spicy dish with curry. Cheeses like sharp cheddar, parmigiano reggiano, and goat cheese.

Harvest Date: 10-18- 2016
Brix @ Harvest: 20.2*
pH: 2.9
ABV: 11%
R.S.: 2%
TA: 8.03 g/L
Bottling Date: 2-22- 2017
Vineyard: Daddy Long Legs (Benzie)
Price: $22