Our Star Thistle Mead is our best attempt to pay homage to our beekeepers and all the work they do to provide us with such great honey to work with. We use the highest quality local honey supplied by Sleeping Bear Farms to produce a dry still mead to help showcase the potential of our northern Michigan honey terroir.


Honey, water


Available in 750ml bottles
10.5% Alc. by Vol.


Silver – 2017 Finger Lakes
Silver – Varietal Dry – 2013 Mazer Cup
Silver – Traditional Dry – 2015 Mazer Cup
Silver – Varietal Semi-Sweet – 2016 Mazer Cup
Gold – Varietal Semi-Sweet – 2017 Mazer Cup
Gold – Traditional Semi-Sweet – 2018 Mazer Cup
Bronze – Varietal Semi-Sweet – 2018 Mazer Cup
Gold – Varietal – Semi-Sweet – 2018 Mazer Cup

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