St. Ambrose Disc Golf Course

St. Ambrose Disc Golf Course

It’s true! The St. Ambrose Cellars disc golf course is open for business. It’s a 9 hole, free-to-play course that’s easily accessible from the meadery. Simply park in the parking lot, and head into the big field next door – you’ll see the first tee.

Here is an overview of the course layout:

Now we’ll take you through the course, hole by hole, so that you can get a feel for where you’re headed.

This is the first tee:

Hole 1 is a straight shot – but it’s kinda long. It’s 540 feet from tee to the basket. This is a view of the basket:

Moving on to the second hole, you’ll be met with a slight dogleg. Here’s the view from the tee:

The basket is tucked into the woods – here’s the view:

Hole 3 is a moderately long hole, with a dogleg at the end. Here’s the view from the tee:

And here’s the view of the basket area:

Hole 4 is pretty straight – but you’ve got a couple options here. We have three trees in the middle – you can go around to the left, right, or straight over all them if you want:

This is the Hole 4 basket:

Hole 5 is medium length par 3, and there’s a dogleg at the end, to the left. The view from the tee:

Once you get to the basket, here’s your view:

Hole 6 starts with a curve, instead of ending with one. You’ll need to get left from the tucked tee:

And here’s the sixth hole basket:

Hole 7 is basically straight with a curve at the end. Here’s the view from the tee:

Here’s the seventh hole basket:

Hole 8 is a big, long dogleg right. You’ll start off down this path:

Here’s the view at the turn in the hole – notice the large brush pile that might be problematic.

A bit beyond that brush pile, you’ll find the basket:

We finish up on Hole 9 – where you’ll need to navigate this mess of trees:

And you will find the basket: