Tupelo Ambrosia Mead – #MeadMonday

Tupelo Ambrosia Mead – #MeadMonday

Honey bees are not big fans of the snow and cold. Our honey farm and meadery are located in Beulah, MI. Benzie County is not known for dry and mild winter weather. As you may have deduced, honey bees are not big fans of Benzie in the winter. So, where do all our buzzing little friends go when the seasons turn? Vacation, of course.


Our snowbird bees take a nice trip down to the warm Florida panhandle when the snow starts flying here. Since they are busy as bees (being bees this makes total sense) and don’t like to spend the winter just relaxing, they get to work in the swamps of the panhandle producing Tupelo Honey. No, not the song – though their buzz produces a great cover version if you listen just right. Tupelo honey (which is going fast – but you can try to snag some at our sister site) is a rare honey with an exquisite, almost buttery, flavor and a gorgeous light color. It’s great on your toast and in your tea, but it’s also great in our tanks and tasting room.


Tupelo Ambrosia mead is a staple of the lineup here. One of our traditional still meads, it has won awards around the country, including a gold medal in the “Varietal – Semi-Sweet” category at the 2015 Mazer Cup.


Tupelo was one of the first meads produced at St. Ambrose Cellars. Using this special harvest of tupelo honey gathered in Florida during one winter so many years ago, we crafted a mead which has a sublime flavor, very fruity and floral.

This refreshing and modern expression of the world’s most ancient fermented drink features a tropical bouquet and flavors of the rare tupelo honey from which it was made, and a natural sweetness balanced by bright acidity.

After a short absence, we’re glad that Tupelo is back in the tasting room full-time. The latest batch was released just a few short weeks ago and is ready and waiting for you to stop by and grab a taste.

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Tupelo Honey Mead Bottling at St. Ambrose Cellars

Hey we’re back at St. Ambrose Cellars, and today we’re bottling Tupelo Mead – all the way from the swamps of Florida, down there in the panhandle where that rare tupelo honey is made, right from the tupelo tree in the deep swamp. Captain Kirk here – Captain Kirk Reedy… He is jammin’, the bottles are filling, the mead is going down down down into the bottle. And it’s Nathan Lane today – on the corker. It’s happenin’. There ya go – St. Ambrose Cellars – Tupelo Mead. Check it out. (more…)