Women’s Wellness April

Women’s Wellness April


Spring has sprung our hearts and hives wide open here in the tasting room. The birdsong and the warmish breezes have replaced the high winds whistling through the barn that were sending us slanted falling snow, causing little whirlwinds as the door blew open for those long frigid months. The queens and their dedicated crew of worker bees are trickling back in by the semi load to their summer homeland. The promise of renewal that spring offers us is palpable as the buds on limbs of forsythia and lilac begin to plump and spring from their conservation mode of winter’s deep sleep.

We had so much fun with you all for our Women’s Winter Wellness Series that we decided to continue into the season ahead, with goodness and simple wisdom from the planet’s most perfect food source; honey. We’ll be sharing recipes and suggestions for utilizing the Nectar of the God’s in your home, your belly, and for your largest organ; your skin.

For April, and in honor of spring, we will focus on honey as a great addition to your “internal” spring cleaning~ honey for detox and nutrition. We’ll also have nourishing snacks available for purchase and of course, our medicinal quality meads for you to sip as you learn.

Join us Wednesday, April 6 from 6-8 pm for what is sure to bring sweetness into your spring. Women’s Wellness Wednesdays are always free of charge and will include take home recipes and samples from our demonstrations. Bee there!

Women’s Wellness Wednesday!

Women’s Wellness Wednesday!

On Wednesday January 27, St Ambrose hosted our first Women’s Wellness Wednesday. We had a hearty house-made mushroom soup using smoked paprika served with crusty sourdough bread from Stone House Ovens as well as other delectables, paired with our divine meads and fine wines.

We demonstrated two different recipes for well-being featuring our own Sleeping Bear Farms raw honey. Rosehips & Honey Elixir, a syrup loaded with vitamin C and flavonoids, shown to reduce inflammation, boost immunity & help combat the winter blues, and Oatmeal Cookie Body Scrub, using honey, oats, vitamin E & coconut oil, sea salt, sugar & Ancient Healer essential oil from Creation Pharm for stimulating, nourishing & exfoliating dry winter skin.

The women left with warm bellies, big smiles, samples of the demos and goody bags.

Our next Women’s Wellness Wednesday will be held on February 10 from 6-8 pm. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we here at St Ambrose will be spreading the gospel of self-love.

We are ironing out the final details, but look for this event to be loaded with inspiration and decadence with a focus on Y-O-U! Gather your girlfriends & sisters and join us for sweet and savory flavor combinations of food, wine/mead, and oh, yes, there will be chocolate!