Next time you’re at St. Ambrose, we encourage you to try one of our three food plates. We offer a small, a medium, and a large option to fill your stomach up while you’re enjoying our meads.

A Little Something


Includes Sleeping Bear Farms honey mustard, homemade jerky dip, pretzels, and gluten-free crackers for dipping.

A Little Something More


Includes two types of local meats and cheese, along with marinated asparagus, garlic stuffed olives, dilled beets, and gluten-free crackers.

A Whole Lotta Something


Includes a variety of local meats and cheeses, marinated asparagus, garlic stuffed olives, homemade jerky dip, dilled beets, brie wedges drizzled with a homemade blackberry honey topping, dilled sweet relishes, and gluten-free crackers.


As you may now, we’ve been having specials on Friday nights as well. The specials will be returning next week – with some new surprises for you all! Stay tuned all summer for some exciting food developments.