We’ve talked about The Go Rounds, we’ve talked about Fauxgrass – and that leaves one more band for The Crush: K. Jones & The Benzie Playboys! You maaaay be familiar with these guys. They have a pretty good relationship with St. Ambrose Cellars, you know. Or you might have caught one of their scorching sets at Blissfest, Wheatland, Bayou on the Bay or any other number of awesome festivals here in Northern Michigan.

You can best understand their unique Zydeco sound with some excellent videos:

As you can see, it’s going to be a foot-stomping good time when they take the stage at The Crush.

Moving pictures a little too fancy? Here’s some still shots:


benzie_playboys (19) benzie_playboys (2) wheatlandpic


Come see Benzie’s finest Zydeco band at The Crush!